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Welcome to our website!

The main activity of the consultancy D. Argyropoulos & associates is the preparation of studies for the environment.

We prepare studies for the protection and management of the environment and provide advisory services on environmental themes and programmes in Greece and abroad.

A key activity of our consultancy is the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for various projects and activities. Also, we prepare Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) studies. Our office has prepared, as the sole contractor, or as a key member of a multidisciplinary team, more than 300 EIA’s as well as several SEA’s, mainly for big projects including:

Environmental protection projects

Sewage treatment plants
Sanitary landfills
Sanitary landfills

Energy production and renewable energy projects

Wind farms
Dams and major hydroelectric plants
Small hydroelectric plants
Electricity production from biomass

Big touristic development projects

5 star hotels
Golf courses
Seaplane ports


Sea ports

Commercial developments & buildings

Areas of organization of production activities (ΠΟΑΠΔ)
Stadium and commercial development complexes

Hydraulics projects

Water reservoirs
Drinking water and irrigation water networks

Moreover, we provide services in the field of environmental project and activity planning such as:

  Hydraulics and water resource management projects
  Liquid and solid wastes management
  Environmental noise abatement
  Protection of atmospheric environment

 Protection and restoration of ecosystems
 Landscape protection
 Environmental monitoring
 Environmental education